Why Mini Goldendoodles

Are Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Easy to Train?

Quick answer – YES!

As with any endeavour, often the first step to training another being begins with yourself. Discipline, consistency, repetition – all are key to fostering and developing the behaviours you want to see in your puppy. However, those behaviours must be demonstrated in yourself, in the way you act and REact in each situation.

That being said, there are dogs, and then there are our floufies. I’ve had some experience training other types/breeds of dogs, and have to say our Mini Goldendoodles – including O’Henry and Tuppy (our personal family pets) have been incredibly easy, obedient, and quick to pick up on what we teach. Our dogs are a special, uniquely lovable breed, so intelligent and attuned to the nuances of a family’s life. 

Sooooo smart & cute

Here are 3 essential habits to teach your Mini Goldendoodle puppy:

  • Potty training: Repetition and diligence is key! At the beginning, take him out every hour, tp the same area, and wait until he’s sniffed and done a bit of business; using your judgement, progress after a day or two to every 2-3 hours and so forth
  • Sleep training: Resist the urge to go and comfort your dog! It is understandable for your puppy to feel a bit lonesome and whine/cry for you, especially at the beginning. However, by comforting him continually, you are reinforcing his neediness for you, over his need for restorative sleep time (you AND your puppy!). Night time is sleep time.
  • Mat time: It is important for your puppy to know and identify his own ‘spot’. Teach your puppy to find his mat and stay in it until you release him. This not only gives him a very safe and comforting space which is his own, but teaches him boundaries.

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