How To Get a MiniGoldendoodle Puppy

Next Anticipated Litter Of Puppies: Fall 2020

Due to the demand for the unique petite size and super-adorable teddy-bear look of our Mini Goldendoodle puppies, we sell our puppies on a litter by litter basis. Below you’ll find a sign up sheet so you can be notified when registration opens for each litter.

Please note, we anticipate our next litters to arrive in Fall 2020.

Mini Golden Doodle

Step 1: Sign up to be notified when registration opens

To be next in line for a puppy from our next available litter, the first step you’ll need to do is signup to be notified once we open registration for our next litter.   After your name goes on that list, you will receive an email once we have opened registration on our next litter, which generally happens once the mama is confirmed pregnant. At that point, the following steps to take will be described should you be certain you’d like to adopt one of our fluffies. 🙂 *On average, we have 3 to 4 litters per year.*

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Step 2: Choosing Date

As soon as we can after our puppies for your litter are born, we will email you to let you know! The choosing date for your puppy will be around the 5 week old mark. At this point we have found that their personal characteristics and lovable traits are really starting to become apparent, and you will have so much fun choosing which of them will become your own!

Step 3: Pick Up Day

As soon as your chosen puppy has reached 8 weeks old, they will be ready to go home to you to be loved and enjoyed. Why 8 weeks? These precious 8 weeks allow your puppy to get a head start in life with essential nutrients and love from his or her mom.

Health Promise

We love our puppies dearly; they are the offspring of our own personal pets, and we always do our best to ensure they are the healthiest they can be when they leave our home to become part of yours!

A number of different factors can influence your puppy’s health and well-being, such as nourishment, environment, genetics, and general training and care – we are aware of this and our relationship with you and our puppies goes beyond just the ‘take-home’ date. We offer a support line with help for training and advice as your puppy enters their next stage of life. Though it most certainly is an exciting time of life for everyone, it can come with questions that need answers and support that is needed which Google may not necessarily provide! The families who take home our little puppies are given much-needed peace of mind and can relax knowing they’re not alone in the process of training and loving a little puppy.

Each puppy is given specific care and attention, every day, with required health reports, up-to-date vaccines, de-worming, and thorough vet checkups. When you do take home your little puppy, we offer a complimentary vet checkup at that time*, as a way of ensuring you know your puppy is completely healthy and ready to become part of your home for a very long time.

You also get 6 weeks of free Pet Insurance for your puppy. The insurance is valid at any Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic across Canada.

*Right now, we have had to suspend this option, due to COVID restrictions. Please know this in no way affects the health or health checkup of your puppy! We just are unable to do it in person right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Reserve a Puppy?

To be next in line to choose a puppy from our upcoming litter, please sign up here. This will allow you to be notified once we have our next pregnant mama confirmed. We will then go through a process of registration, notifying everyone who has signed up online via email. If you’re then still interested, you’ll be able to secure one of our puppies with a $700 deposit, which is part of the full price of $5,000CDN (including tax) for one puppy.

Please be aware it is a final deposit. As we have a lot of interest in our puppies, it is not fair to sell our puppies and then have to change to another family. Thankyou for understanding!

What is the full price of a puppy?

The full price for one of our cuddly Mini Golden Doodle puppies is $5,000CDN, including tax, effective April 20th, 2020.

Once you put down your $700 deposit, you are guaranteed a spot in the litter for which you made a deposit. We sell the number of puppies that we believe to be in each litter, but this is of course dependent on the exact amount of puppies in each litter, and sometimes we cannot estimate exactly. After you have made your deposit, we will continue to keep you updated until the puppies arrive.

Your choosing date is around when the puppies are 5 weeks old. This is the day you get to see your puppy and choose which one is for you! On that date please bring or arrange to e-transfer the second installment of $2,150.00.

The last payment is $2,150.00, in cash or e-transfer at the time when you pick up the puppy, bringing the total to $5,000.00. Of course, you can pay in full at any time if this is more convenient for you.

What if I miss my viewing appointment?

If you do not come on the appointment date to choose the puppy you want, unfortunately, you do forfeit your place in line as far as choosing one goes – because other people are coming after you for their appointment to choose. In such a case we will choose one for you taking into consideration all the information you have given us about which puppy you would want.

How do I pick up my puppy?

Finally the day for picking up your puppy has come! Normally this happens at 8 weeks old. Throughout the process we will keep you informed of how your puppy is doing, and upon an agreed pickup time, we ask that you (or someone from the family) come personally to pickup your puppy.

Can you ship my puppy?

In person-pick up is recommended as we love to introduce you to your puppy and your puppy to meet its owner. However, we recognize this is not always possible. If you are not able to pick up your puppy, do let us know and we can work something out for you.*

*We are not offering shipping at this time; you are more than welcome however to come pick up your puppy!

What comes with my purchase of one of your Mini Goldendoodles?

Your Mini Goldendoodle puppy will get a Veterinarian examination, de-worming, and the first round of shots. You will also get your puppy examined by a Veterinarian again at the time of pick up, while you are present, and receive their health documentation up to that point.

You also get 6 weeks of free Pet Insurance for your puppy. The insurance is valid at any Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic across Canada. The insurance kicks in from the day you took your puppy home (typically at 8 weeks old). There’s no obligation for you to continue with the insurance once the 6 weeks run out. However, you do have the option to continue your insurance should you choose with the insurer directly.

Are there returns?

Understandably, there are no ‘returns’ allowed! A little life is in the balance. We guarantee that your puppy will be the offspring of one of our beautiful personal pets! We do not guarantee any future tests you may do as all; what we stand by is that the puppies are offspring of our own beautiful and unique dogs that we love and that we do not get puppies from any other source.