Mini Golden Doodle Pets

How Big Are Mini Goldendoodle Dogs?

There are a lot of factors that determine the full grown size of a Mini Goldendoodle dog. If you search online, you’ll come across breeders that breed Mini Goldendoodles anywhere from 8lbs to 40+lbs. Some customers desire bigger doodles while others prefer smaller ones.

We specialize in breeding truly small Mini Goldendoodles that range from 8lbs to 15lbs, which makes them perfect for condos, townhomes, and semi-detached homes in the Toronto Area.

If you’re looking for a truly small, puppy-like Mini Goldendoodle at the full-grown size, we think you’ll want one of the exceptional puppies from O’Henry & Tuppences’ litter.

Why are our Mini Goldendoodle’s Smaller in Size than Others?

For three generations now, our family have been involved in raising these puppies, which means we have been doing this for a while and can guarantee you are buying a genuine and uniquely pretty and sweet Mini Goldendoodle. You will not find this particularly beautiful petite designer breed anywhere else!

We agree that this is a bold claim, but one we back because our beautiful dogs, continue to produce puppies on the smaller scale size of the Mini Goldendoodle chart (8-15lbs). This is possible because we do not breed our dogs with other breeders who may not hold to the same high standard and fair breeding practices.

Meet our Doodles

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