Meet our Mini Goldendoodles

Our mini golden doodles are truly part of our family and make such wonderful, loving pets. These ‘Mini Goldendoodles’ are the most desirable family dog. They are loyal, lovable, trainable – and very cute!

Meet O'Henrythe Stud

O’Henry is a 10lbs fluffy stud. We are very proud of this little guy, he not only comes from a long line of adorable and gentle male mini golden doodles, but he is our first family dog and we love him (so do all of our friends and families who meet him).

Meet Tuppenceaka Tuppy

Tuppence, is one mighty cute Mini Golden Doodle. She weighs 8lbs and you can imagine, with her size and cute features, she produces small mini Golden Doodles you just fall in love with. When she’s not producing beautiful puppies, you’ll find her egging on Mr. Floofy “O’Henry”.

Meet Buttercup

Buttercup is our youngest puppy – she is full of life, loves the outdoors, and absolutely loves Tuppence. 

Meet Bun Bun

Bun Bun (Bunny), mom to Buttercup and many other beautiful Mini Golden Doodle puppies. She is our newest Mini Golden Doodle and was generously gifted to us by Carmel’s grandma.