Meet some of our puppies from past litters.


Bowie's Instagram

Hi Carmel,

The last two days have been a bit of a blur, but we have been so happy and excited to have Bowie home. Carmel, you were so right, she is soooo smart!!! Bowie has been letting us know when she needs to go outside, she’s slept through both nights without a peep, it’s been a dream.

Thank you again for everything. Bowie was amazing at her first vet visit and they of course said she’s in perfect health.



Woody's Instagram

Hi Carmel,

Thanks so much for the photos and all your support with this process. Things are going very well so far. As we mentioned the other day, Payman’s niece and nephew came to visit Woody last time, and their bonding was absolutely amazing.

Have a warm winter, and please say salam to your family for us❤



Hi Carmel

Just sending you a few pics of Dexter at 4 months. Gosh, he is looking more and more like Buttercup everyday – especially with that little white patch around his nose – LOL. He is going for his first grooming at the end of this month – I think he is going to lose some of his colour and be lighter – maybe it will be just temporary.

Dexter is doing great! Gosh, you are right about these puppies being smart. I spend a lot of time with him playing and training him – he is so smart, and catches on to things quickly. One of our favourite daily activities is playing fetch – it is unbelievable how he will run down that ball and bring it back and drop it right in my hand and is ready to go for the next one.

Dexter absolutely loves Maddy and Tessa, and vice versa. Tessa (the younger one) and him have a very special bond, and he listens so well to her😊 Maddy has posted a few pics of him on her Instagram, but she doesn’t seem to be on it all that much with updates. So happy to send you updated pics occasionally.

Dexter is an absolute bundle of joy😊



Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with Bobby. We’re off to a wonderful start 🙂
Dave and Ashley.

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Carmel….Rosie is the most amazing gift to our family. She is thriving, so smart and has brought so much joy to our family 04/12/21
Thank you


I hope you are well. Just letting you know Tobiko had her surgery (Spayed) and she’s doing beautifully. She has been an absolute joy and a wonderful addition to our family!
Best regards,
Nick and Suzanne